In this dynamic world we come across situations where we see technology evolving on an hourly basis and we involve and support that piece of technology to reach its full potential. This same intuition can be compared to donation of BLOOD! Every day we see that we get calls or messages on our mobiles asking us to donate blood. But there is a DEMAND and SUPPLY GAP when we see the ratio of the DONORS to the DONEES. In order to overcome this GAP and make sure the RIGHT DONORs meet the RIGHT DONEEs at the RIGHT TIME and at the RIGHT PLACE, the ‘SHARE A LIFE INITIATIVE’ has come to LIFE.

WE, at SHARE A LIFE, provide a common platform which brings the DONEEs’, who are in desperate need of BLOOD, and the Donors’, who voluntarily participate to provide a lifeline to the DONEEs’. Share a life is a modest endeavor of Empowering Ummah Foundation, which is a non-profit Public charitable organization based in Bangalore, designed and developed in association with Empowering Ummah Inc.


Share a Life provides two, easy to use, technology platforms for the DONORs’ and DONEEs’ to come together with a common vision to share blood and save a life. The two Platforms are through the website and a mobile application[Under Development]. The steps to navigate are same for both the platforms.

For Donors

i. Register with us by filling up a simple form.

ii. Respond to any calls that you receive from Donees who would have located you using our "Locate Donors" option

For Donees

This Step comprises of JUST 5 CLICKS!

Click 1 – Click on "LOCATE DONORS" on the Home Page

Click 2 – Select the required blood type

Click 3 – Select the state

Click 4 – Select the city

Click 5 – Select the locality in the chosen city and SEARCH!!!

This results in display of the contact number, blood group, locality and the city of the donor which helps the person searching for blood easily reach the nearest available donor.